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VJ Mira from the Himalayas... PROFILE!

VJ Mira is a Kathmandu based performance artist who creates live visual art on large displays and screens, creating colorful exciting backdrops. Using live and pre-recorded videos, footage and clips VJ Mira's multimedia performance sets the stage/space for live music, festivals, plays and dance. VJ Mira has been involved in a variety of music and art projects, including the Grammy-nominated "1 Giant Leap."

VJ Mira was born in Israel to German-Yemeni parents - a fusion indeed! Her openness to all kinds of rhythm and music, from traditional Yemeni music to rock and Persian music are reflective in her work. VJ Mira studied music from an early age (playing piano-organ and guitar) and continues her music studies with the well-appreciated international musicologist Piris Eliyahu, who specializes in Persian & Mediterranean music. VJ Mira holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from 'Bezalel' Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem.

VJ Mira finds great joy in researching the global musical heritage, studying cultural anthropology and ethnomusicology. Her deep concern for the issues of global peace and ecology, living close to nature, inspires her film projects, and the visuals she screens at shows share a message of universal Harmony and cosmic Unity.

VJ Mira specializes in creatively conceptualizing a theme for the show, in collaboration with it's performing artists thus building a concept that is tailor-made for the event; exploring and expressing the power of audio visual communication directly with the audience.

VJ Mira screens original video materials that she films herself along with custom-made materials and video loops. She has been creating video content for the past 10 years. From video presentations for commercial use to architectural solutions and interior
design spaces. VJ Mira's performance creates atmosphere by mixing live and unique visuals at various music events and concerts, corporate events and festivals such as:

Visual Arts with Opera singers Roy Stevens, Annalisa Winberg, composer Jonathan Khuner and the musician Ciney Gurung, Valentine's Day, Shangri-La Hotel, Nepal, 2016.
Visual Arts with the Artist Manú Menéndez at Arteria Chiapas, San Cristobel de Las Casas, Mexico, 2015.
Café Bar Revolución, San Cristobel de Las Casas, Mexico, 2015.
'Camikurma' band, San Cristobel de Las Casas, Mexico, 2014.
'Zvloon Dub System' & 'Sol Tevél' bands at 'Brick & Mortar Music Hall', San Franciso, USA 2014.
'Mapp Festival' (Mission Arts Performance Project), Balançoire, San Francisco, USA 2014.
'House of Music' celebrating Bob's Marly Birthday, Nepal 2014.
'Sun Dance Festival' with bands from Nepal, Netherlands & USA at 'The Last Resort' - (the highest bungee in the World) East Nepal 2014. 'Global Beats Festival' Visuals with Antonio Testa, Wilton's Music Hall, London, UK 2013
'What About Dance' Visuals with the Musican Jamie Catto & the artist Raisa Breslava, London, UK 2013
NYE 2013 with DJ Marry Ferrari (World Sexiest DJ 2012), Nepal 2013
'Michael Greilsammer & Band', Tour in India (Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigar, Kanpur) 2012
'Rock The Valley - Cobweb Acoustic Ensemble', Nepal 2012
'Nepal Music Festival, International Peace Day', Nepal 2012
'Let The Good Times Roll' International Music Day at '1905', Nepal 2012.
'Pokhara Street Fstival', New Year 2012, Nepal.
'Mountain Madness, Universal Religion Festival', Nepal 2010, 2011.
'Shanti Jatra Organic Festival', Nepal 2011.
'New Orleans Cafe' & 'Tamas' with Graeme Hamilton, Reggae Nights, Nepal 2011.
'House of music' & 'The Attic' & '1905' with Attila Manju and Igant Karmalito, Nepal, 2011.
'Fashion Walk' at Meconopsis, Boutique Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal 2011.
DJ's & VJ's party at '1905', 2011, Kathmandu 2011.
Nepali & Western New Year at 'The Factory' Kathmandu 2010.
'Odaliska' Visual Arts with belly dancer Orly Aroshes, 'Suzan Dalal Theatre', Tel Aviv, 2005.
'Complete Dance Voyage' Visual Arts with belly dancer Orly Aroshes, Tel Aviv, 2003.
'Jazz, Blues & Videotape Festival', Cinematheque Tel-Aviv, with 'Taxi Jazz' band, Visual
Arts with Shachar Gal-Nour 2002.

VJ Mira has been working with artist and musicians such as:
Graeme Hamilton (UK), Robin Tamang (Nepal), Nimo Romba (Nepal),
Mukti Shakya (Nepal), Michael Greilsammer (Israel), Attila Manju (Turkey/Germany),
Igant Karmalito (Russia/India), Shyam Nepali (Nepal), Cobweb band (Nepal),
Newaz band (Nepal), Joint Family band (Nepal), DJ Marry Ferrari (Russia),
DJ Para Halu/ Adam Hohmann (Hungary), DJ Ajja Leu (Swiss), DJ Daniel Kandi (Denemark),
DJ Harshit (India), DJ Braindrop (India), DJ Nishan Manandhar (Nepal), DJ Vital (Nepal),
DJ Kengo Matsumoto (Japan), DJ Arjuna Parvati (Italy), DJ Electrypnose (Sion),
Enichkin project, DJ Vibe (Nepal), DJ Vaeya (India), DJ Daksinamurti (Germany),
DJ Psycobaba (India), DJ Hyper Frequencies (France), DJ Gilles Beraud (France),
DJ Malice InWonderland (Austria/Wels), DJ White wizard (India), DJ Ianuaria (Austria),
DJ Vectro Electro (Israel), DJ Tadyan Dsp (Japan), DJ Bipin Nakarmi/Bpm (Nepal),
Orly Aroshas (Israel).

VJ Mira collaborated with VJ Elka (Brazil),VJ Meg (Japan), VJ Naruhiro (Japan),
VJ Egnogra Guillermo Alarcon (USA), VJ Arnav Mandrake (India), Artist Shachar
Gal-Nour (Israel).

VJ Mira, Zen Traveler of Light from the Himalayas!